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I was subcontracted by the designer to rebuild the code of the Ansercomm corporate site using modern techniques.


As part of an employment advertisement, 1-800-Flowers.com put up a sample mockup and asked for submissions of page builds based on it. This was my submission. However, I did not land that project or work on the code of the live 1-800-FLOWERS site.

Department of Veterans' Affairs

I built a 508-compliant web site, converting the PDF of the department's 2006 annual performance and accountability report to an online accessible version.

Copies of the 2005 report and the 2004 report for Veterans' Affairs, also done by me, are available as well.

Advantage Manufacturing Technologies

I was subcontracted by the designer to build the site, both the HTML and some Javascript.

Since the company has redesigned their site since the time of my work on it, the portfolio links to an archived copy of my work.

Charles Wiseman, Attorney at Law

This site already existed in its current design. I was subcontracted to clean up the code, creating a more-streamlined codebase that would be easier to maintain going forward.


For this site, I built the non-Flash version from the site owner/designer's templates.

For the Christmas season, I also built for them a holiday-themed site.


  • My job was to build HTML templates for the site's redesign, based on the designer's mockups.
  • The templates were built to be compliant to Section 508.
  • Layout is almost completely controlled via Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). In some places, embedded tables were used to manage the layout in order to get the desired visual effect in Netscape 4 browsers.

Here's an archived copy AdvisorTeam home page as a sample of my work. (The current home page has since been modified.)


  • Winner of third place in the 2002 Accessibility Internet Rally California.
  • The original site for the rally was assembled in nine hours.
  • The layout is controlled by CSS.

After the rapid nine-hour assembly, the site needed to be completed and browser bugs worked out. However, the site owners replaced the rally site with a less accessible, table-controlled site that was more finished due to some upcoming press coverage. Unfortunately, they never chose to go back and finish the new site. Here though is a sample of the SPAWNERS home page from the rally.

Thank you for the great web site that you designed and constructed for SPAWNERS (San Pablo Watershed Neighbors Education and Restoration Society) as part of the Accessible Internet Rally in September. The site exceeded our expectations in every way, and the members of our group have been very impressed with it. Those of us working on the web site were also impressed with the time, energy, and dedication which you invested in the project. The fact that we won third place in the contest was an added bonus!

Martha Berthelsen, Project Coordinator

Accessible Internet

  • Compliant with Section 508.
  • Triple-A compliant with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.
  • Layout and styling completely controlled by CSS. The site appears with minimal styling on older browsers (version 4 and earlier of Internet Explorer and Netscape, for example) since they don't fully support this type of coding, or there are too many bugs in their implementation. The page is still usable in those browsers -- they can see all of the content.
  • Code is organized and optimized for any browser, including text-only browsers, PDA (personal digital assistants) Internet-able devices and Internet-capable cell phones.


This project was created for the defunct ThriveOnline women's health site, formerly part of Oxygen Media.

  • About Us: Section 508 and Level A W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines compliant

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